Organizational Background

Cancer Awareness Centre of Kenya (CACK) is a community based non-profit making organization registered in Kenya in accordance with the law. The organization was established in 2011 to enhance Cancer Prevention, Screening and Early Diagnosis.

It started at Queen of Apostles Catholic church, in Nairobi, where many people were losing their lives in the community as a result of cancer. A member of the church, Grace Wanjiku, who was a devoted Christian and a member of the Young Professionals succumbed to breast cancer at a tender age of 25 years in 2011. She was diagnosed very late and nothing much could have been done to save her soul despite seeking all the possible medical interventions and fundraising to assist in settling the bills she was incurring at the time. May her soul rest in eternal peace+

After celebrating her life, we organized the first cancer awareness and screening event in October 2011 to mark Breast Cancer Awareness month. Over 1500 people were screened and surprisingly about 40 cases were identified and refereed for further medical attention.

Due to the impact the event created, a lot of Christians wanted more help and this was not possible due to increasing numbers and insufficient funds. They demanded routine checkups on Cancer and other terminal conditions. This prompted us to start awareness campaigns on Cancer as a health concern in the church which is now marked as an annual event in the calendar of church activities.

CACK is among founder and member of the Kenyan Network of Cancer Organizations (KENCO) and works closely with the Ministry of Health on Prevention, Screening and Early Diagnosis technical working group.

We conduct Cancer Awareness campaigns and screening programs to sensitize the community on early Cancer detection strategies as well as preventive care in cancer eradication. This has been very successful as many people have benefited from our programs ranging from awareness, early detection, diet interventions, physical fitness and healthy lifestyles.

The screening campaigns are done according to the National Cancer Screening guidelines in line with the implementation of the National Cancer Control Strategy 2017-2022 which focuses on Prevention, Early Detection and Cancer Screening. This is based on current evidence and international best practice and includes cancers recommended for screening by the World Health Organization which includes breast, cervical, colorectal, prostate, oral and childhood cancers.

We are also members of the NCD Alliance Kenya, as a patient led organization and address the rising prevalence of Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) in Kenya; making NCD prevention and control a priority as an opportunity for a healthy life, free from preventable suffering, stigma and death caused by NCD during our events.

Non-communicable diseases are the number one cause of death and disability worldwide. NCDs – mainly cancer, cardiovascular disease, chronic respiratory diseases, and diabetes – account for 68% of global mortality, or two out of every three deaths.