Key Objectives of the Organization
The objectives of the Cancer Awareness Centre of Kenya are:

  1. Establish patient support groups: To provide patient and family psycho-social support after diagnosis and during treatment
  2. Organizational capacity development: To improve on organization viability, capacity and delivery of service on the cancer care continuum.
  3. Creating Cancer Awareness: To create awareness and increase knowledge for prevention and early detection to lessen the burden of cancer in the country.
  4. Organizing Cancer screening programs: To facilitate early cancer diagnosis and medical interventions through reproductive cancers screening.
  5. Establish patient navigation services: To promote access quality and comprehensive cancer care to overcome individual barriers to enable completion of treatment.
  6. Create partnership and advocacy: To implement a more effective and collaborative response to the local cancer burden through strengthening existing local and international linkages and develop new ones.


Our Core Activities
The core activities of CACK are:

  1. Organizing Wellness Clinics
  2. Promoting Cancer Awareness
  3. Organizing Cancer Awareness walks
  4. Promoting health education and nutritional talks
  5. Coordinating cancer Survivors Counseling and Social Support
  6. Screening for Reproductive Cancers (Cervical, Prostate & Breast)
  7. Conducting home based care (Personalized Services for Cancer Patients)
  8. Incorporating NCD Screening (Blood Sugars, Blood Pressure, BMI) during activities.