Toklezea Outreach Program is a program designed and organised by Cancer Awareness Centre of Kenya to create awareness and mobilise people to go for Cancer screening and know their status early. We advocate for early detection as the best protection. It started in 2017 and so far we have been able to mobilize about 10,000 people. This exercise is an awareness outreach program aimed to create awareness and screen about 100,000 people in the country.

The services carried out  during the Toklezea Outreach campaign programs includes:

  • NCD Screening (Blood Sugars, Blood Pressure, Height & Weight, BMI)
  • Screening for Reproductive Cancers (Cervical, Prostate & Breast).
  • Health education
  • Nutritional talks
  • Counseling and Social Support.
  • HIV /AIDS screening, risk-reduction, counseling and care information

Some of the events completed successfully on this programs are:
1. Madre Teresa Catholic Church – Zimmerman Nairobi 11th March 2018
2. TRM Mall in Roysambu on Thika Road on 20th October 2018
3. K1 Klub house staffs and revelers in Nairobi County on 28th October 2018
4. Uthiru Vocation and Training Centre in Uthiru Kiambu County on 3rd November 2018