Cancer is a dreaded disease that requires long term treatment and is usually very expensive. It has been identified as a silent killer in our community especially because of low level of awareness, late presentation and diagnosis and lack of affordable facilities for cancer management. For this reason, many patients cannot afford the treatment; and for those who can afford, it becomes very difficult because treatment takes away all their resources.

People shy away from clinical screening and due to time, cost and lack of health awareness hence the increase in the menace. The benefit of early screening is to increase chances of early detection and an opportunity for early medical intervention. If awareness is emphasized, Cancer can be eradicated to the minimal. Many cases are treatable when detected early, thus the community must be sensitized more about cancer in order to save lives.

We shall be carrying out Breast Cancer screening services and other services on Sunday 28th October 2018 at K1 Klub House in Parklands. The anticipated population is about 300 people including staffs of the company. The ultimate goal of this project is to improve the face of health in our community and demystify the myths about Cancer; hence reduce both male and female morbidity and mortality due to reproductive cancers. We shall carryout essential NCD screening (Blood Sugars, Blood Pressure, Height & Weight, BMI) and breast cancer Screening for both men and women as well as Health education and nutritional talks.



Make sure to pass by on 20th October 2018  at the TRM Convention Centre located on 3rd floor. Where together with Mater Misericordiae HospitalGertrude’s Children’s Hospital and   #CancerAwarenessCentreKenya, We will be hosting a series of talks that delve into cancer related topics, offering free breast exams as well as a triage space where you can have your BMI and weight measured.

They say prevention is better than cure, TRM stands with you to provide you access to healthcare.

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